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sunrun solar tax benefits?

When you get Sunrun to install solar panels on your house with their no down 18/20 year power agreement, does the homeowner get any federal tax credit? or does Sunrun gets all the rebates and tax credit?

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    You can bet that Sunrun will still make a return on the investment and since the only way for solar to give a viable return is through the federal subsidies, somehow the subsidies will sink to their bottom line.

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    Because SunRun and their investors such as PG&E, U.S. Bancorp, etc. own the panels, they get any tax credits, rebates, etc.

    SunRun then uses those incentives to lower the cost of solar to the consumer. In effect, SunRun builds the benefits of those tax credits, rebates, etc. into the lower price that the consumer pays SunRun for power.

    In some cases, a consumer may not have enough of a tax bill to benefit from the credits, and by going through SunRun they are able to benefit from SunRun's ability to use the tax credits. Therefore making SunRun even more advantageous

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    Source(s): Build Solar Power Easily : http://solarpower.siopu.com/?dva
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    Is that homework ?

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