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Wilt Chamberlain more athletic than Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard?

Blake Griffin 6' 8.5" (without shoes) 241 LBS, 6'11 wingspan 32 inch no step vert, 35.5 max vert

Wilt Chamberlain 7'1 (without shoes) 250-320 in PRIME years (290-310 with lakers) 7'8 Wingspan, 9'6 standing reach and a 1 step off of 2 feet 40 inch vert

Watch these two short videos and let me know what you think! Second videos proves the vertical

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    Hard to say. Wilt certainly didn't have access to the high-cost high-science training programs that today's athletes do. So, it would be hard to say that if you brought Wilt through time, that he would be as dominant over guys like Dwight Howard compared to the 6' white guys of the day. The game itself has changed and evolved so much, that we have no way of knowing if WIlt could have made the adjustment.

    However, Wilt had natural abilities, no question about it. So if he were RAISED in today's age, then you have to assume he would be a dominant power-house. Would he score 100 points in a game? No... the game is far too evolved for that, both in its rules and its players and coaches. But would he make the All-Star game every year? You bet your *** he would.

    Final answer? In terms of athleticism, Griffin and Howard would most likely be in better "shape" than Wilt.

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    Wilt Chamberlain Wingspan

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    Wow the guy who answered this question is smoking some serious dope.

    Wilt Chamberlain is far more athletic than Dwight or Blake; it's not even close. Wit h due respect to both those guys who are super-athletic, this guy was other-worldly athletic and LBJ is the only one that comes close.


    Chamberlain is at least 3 inches taller than either player with a superior wingspan. Also, the notion that Wilt played against smaller defenses is absurd. The average height of a center in Wilt's day was 6'9 and the average center today is 6'10.


    Chamberlain still has the school high jump records at The University of Kansas to this day! Jumps higher than both those guys. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was 7'2 without shoes and was said to have the most unblockable shot in the history of the NBA and Wilt blocked it TWICE on the same play. Go ahead and YouTube it to see it for your own 2 eyes.


    Destroyed Arnold Schwarzeneggar in the gym. Go ahead and YouTube

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