does anyone know any good songs to make music videos with?

i want to make a music video for youtube but i can't think of any songs with actions, i've already done kesha tiktok and miley cyrus party in the usa!please someone tell me what song i could use for a music video that has actions?

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    hot chelle rae like it like that :3

  • 9 years ago

    Well I think songs that repet the same word is good for music videos, like "I love you like a love song" by Selena Gomez. It says is kinda tecno, I guess. Yes, I also think "Tick Toc" is good by Kesha. I know this is really confusing what I am trying to say, and I don't think tecno is the right way to discribe it but I hope this helps even if it is just a little.

  • 9 years ago

    lool tik tok was my first guess...umm maybe "Beautiful, dirty, rich" by lady gaga or "starstrukk" by 3oh!3

  • Annie
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    9 years ago

    Do a classic it is always well appreciated

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