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What kind of punishment do military students/cadets get?

I'm writing a story which people are going to a military based college. I'm thinking get a student punished because of his disrespect to one of his strict teachers.

So can you give me some examples what would be some punishments in a military college academy?

p.s: It'd be even better if you give more examples as much as possible.

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    9 years ago
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    Similar to the West Point guy, at the Naval Academy, depending on the infraction, you had to do a certain number of "tours." 15 tours would be 15 hours (separated into 1-hour increments over 1-2 weeks) marching in a large square with your drill rifle (M1 Garand) at right-shoulder arms (carrying it leaned against your right shoulder holding it in your right arm with a 90 degree elbow).

    You could also get demerits (up to 100 demerits was for particularly egregious cases - the most I got was a mere 5 for a small offense).

    Also, for bad cases you'd end up on restriction -- you weren't allowed to leave the Academy grounds for a certain amount of days (I think rarely past 30 days), you had to muster a couple times a day in uniform to be inspected by the Officer of the Day, and you were limited in the already-limited freedoms you had there.

    Those were the main official punishments that you could end up with.

    A couple things that were less official that could happen that I thought of:

    As a company (for us, the Naval Academy was made up of 30 companies that the 4200 midshipmen were broken up into. Each company had about 120 people, split mostly evenly amongst the four classes -- Fourth Class [4/C] was a freshman, Third Class [3/C] was a youngster, 2/C, 1/C..)...anyway, as a company, you could sometimes have extra musters through the day if there was a problem in your company area in the dormitory.

    As a 4/C (plebe), you would sometimes have to report to the room of one of the senior midshipmen in your squad where you might get asked to provide extra information you had to look up, be inspected, be yelled at, etc.

    During plebe summer, you'd have much more of the physical punishment. Sometimes we would have to hold our M1 Garand drill rifles straight out in front of us with one arm for long periods of time, with promises of worse physical punishment if we dropped it.

    We'd do any number of pushup/situp/sprint/etc drills that they would come up with. There were times in the Naval Academy Preparatory School where they would make everyone turn on the showers in their rooms to the hottest temp, open the room doors but close all windows and hallway doors, and turn the entire floor into a steam room for physical training.

    You could easily do something wrong and end up with 5 upperclass midshipmen screaming in your face to the point where you don't know who to answer anymore...I remember walking through the hallway when I was a detailer, and some plebe who had done *something* wrong was being yelled at by a few other detailers, so as I walked in I just went ahead and joined in screaming, in order to increase the stress level of having some stranger be angry with you for something.

    Those probably cover the majority of it...there's certainly other things that we'd have to do as punishment, limited only by the creativity of the person more senior than you than you had wronged somehow.

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    When I was at GMI, Macon, GA, (OCS class 31), punishments were universal, which means the entire platoon got punished. This is what brings out internal policing. Frankly, that's how you became Co, Xo S1, S2, S3, S4, If you want to stand out, you were simply put above the rest, to stand out. Failure from then, was only a mater of time. Thus, DQ on request would soon fallow.

    If you did/didn't disrespect a teacher, its a form of standing out. Only one thing will soon follow.

    Note: the did/didn't makes NO difference.

    I would encourage this student to do everything passable for the teacher NOT to put an entry in his jacket. Yes, grovelling and begging is in order, and I'm serious. IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN THE COMPANY YOU PRESENTLY KEEP, YOU WILL OBEY THOSE APPOINTED OVER YOU!

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    It all depends on the action the cadet did to deserve the punishment. At West Point, for a minor infraction, cadets have to walk around the campus in uniform with a model rifle for several hours.

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    Military School Corporal Punishment

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