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Pre- Period Kit ... How? What? 10pts. ALSO READ MY OTHER QUESTIONNS!?

Well my mom only has panty liners & I don't want to ask for pads because I haven't started!! I want to make a period kit & I can't with out pads! I only have liners! PleAse read my other questions too!

- how do I get pads?

- what should I include in my period kit


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    Your mum has been through periods before. Just tell her you want to be prepared for when it does come.

    Carry around a couple of spare pads/tampons, I personally don't bother with spare underwear as I usually wear a liner when I know I am due on, then switch to a pad or tampon, I've never 'leaked' so never felt the need to carry spare underwear, up to you though.

    You can put them all in a small purse or make-up bag.

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    You have to ask your mom for pads. She will understand.

    Emergency period kit:

    -Cosmetic bag (or anything portable you can carry)


    -Extra pair of panties

    -A plastic bag for the soiled pair

    -Feminine wipes

    If you still can't get pads, liners would work okay, but may leak.

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    Okay so the Items you need for your period kit is:

    -A small Portable cosmetic bag

    -Panty liners

    -Pads / or Tampons

    -Another pair of underwear

    -A plastic bag for the underwear that have been soiled

    -Maybe some wipes

    Those are what you really do need and Panty liners are usually for really really light periods or the Discharge before a period

    If you need more help you can go to:

    Or watch one of these videos:

    -Pads and Pantyliners:


    -How to Pack (Mostly at the end):

    Youtube thumbnail


    I hope this helps! :-)

    Source(s): I'm a girl and i've had Periods before.
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    Just ask for some pads just in case.

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