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Does "Limber Tail Syndrome" need treatment ?

I woke up today and my black lab who is very energetic and always wags his tail can't wag or move his tail. It just hangs there limp. I gently examened it and it doesn't feel broken so I think he might have limber tail syndrome. Is that something that heals on its own or do I have to take him to the vet for treatment? He doesn't seem like he's in pain but it does look like it's bothering him. And it's the weekend. The vet won't see him and I won't be able to get an appointment right away on monday. You have to make an appointment and wait. Now I'm worried : ( My poor Boo bear : (


I also wanted to add that he ate all his dinner and he still wants to play. But he does seem less energetic

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    Yes, take your dog to the vet on Monday. There are many other reasons that can cause this symptom, for example impacted and/or infected anal glands. So you present the dog and all the symptoms, but let the vet do the diagnosing ok?

    Good Luck

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    Sounds like it could be limber tail syndrome. What I could find on line about it, it sounds like it could be a mild form of CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy). I would have him tested for this to be sure he doesn't have that as well. You should also have him tested for EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse).

    The article I read said that it takes about two weeks for it to heal. I would take him to your Vet Monday and check into having those tests for CNM and EIC done on him.

    Source(s): 49 years breeding, training and competing with dogs of various breeds, including Labradors.
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