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Could a cavity get really bad?

I am pretty sure I have a cavity in between my first and second bottom left molars. I've researched most of the symptoms of a cavity and I match nearly every one of them... However, I'm not scheduled to see my dentist for a couple more weeks. The two teeth are in a little bit of pain when sweets come in contact and more pain when I touch my tongue to them. There is some discoloration, but not a definite hole visible to the naked eye. Does this sound like a cavity? If it were to be a cavity, how bad could it get in the next couple of weeks before I see my dentist?

Note: I brush 3 times a day for 3 minutes and floss daily.

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    go to the dentist

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    As long as you brush well with a soft brush and floss, you will be fine for a few weeks. If its not really dark then a regular filling would take care of it if needed. Don't put it off, though, because eventually it would need a root canal. There has also been some research that Xylitol is good for your teeth and can delay cavity formation. Trident gum and ice breakers cubes contain it.

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    I don't like or trust dentists personally, and I think if you keep cavities clean they might heal themselves. "Cavities" are what make dentists rich and I don't believe in the Cult of "Cavities."

    To hell with "cavities" and I hate dentists. They've ruined my teeth.

    Lean away from sugar and take care of your teeth...and put those quacks out of business. Well, okay, in fairness, there are a lot of decent dentists. I must have just hit the bad ones in my life by the luck of the draw.

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    Yes it could! A cavity it could even loose ur tooth! You should call ur dentist before it gets worse. :/

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