can i put a description in a story?

i don't want to describe my characters too much in my story so can i like make a page with JUST description. like just have my characters listed and then describe their personality and physical appearance, then have an index page, and THEN start the book?

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  • 9 years ago
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    No. I wouldn't have the patience to sit there and learn all about the characters and then go onto the story. It would be pretty boring as well; basically you'll be droning on saying "This is Bob. He is 5"6 with blue eyes and brown hair. He likes basketball. This is Lisa...."

    Just reveal their appearances at the most appropriate places throughout the story. Not all in one go. Go one trait at a time spread out evenly.

  • 9 years ago

    If it's a book, sure you can. I've seen books where the author lists the Cast of Characters first, with a brief description of each person. However, this is usually done as an easy way to keep a lot of characters straight, not as a substitute for describing them in the story.

    But do it. Starting that way will get the details set in your mind.

    The best way to describe characters in the story itself without having huge chunks of description, is to incorporate bits of description in the action and dialog.

  • 9 years ago

    If I see a page with nothing but physical description, I skip right past it. If you don't feel like adding much description about your characters, that's fine anyway. I personally hate drawn-out descriptions of people, with their slender noses, their almond shaped eyes, their high cheekbones, blah blah. Is your main character kind of tall with dark hair? Good enough for me.

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