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My gf gave another guy oral? Ugh wtf help?! ?

So right now im so f@#$*%* mad at my gf. About 2 weeks ago we got back together from ONLY BEING BROKEN UP FOR A DAMN WEEK and we were together for 3 years before that, and im so angry and disgusted with her. She told me she met some guy and had sex with him to get over me, the fact she had sex bothers me but what really urks at me is tht i asked if she did anything else and she said she also sucked him off. Ugh i cant even look at her without picturing her sucking some guys dick and enjoying it or picturing the sex and wondering if she liked it...should i dump her because i cant get over this...yet, im deeply in love with her... :( also we broke up because of a misunderstanding. Nothin too serious and she came back to me crying...

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    I mean you broke up with her in that week so it wasn't like she was cheating...and peoople do crazy things when they are vulnerable and hurt like that. in the end, SHE came back to YOU so i say give her another chance. I understand where you are coming from though...and i'm sure if it was the other way around, that you had sex withs some girl in that span of a week, your gf would most likely throw a ***** fit. but at the end of the day you gotta be the bigger man, step up and be mature about it. if you really love this girl dont throw it away again over another misunderstanding.

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    You are clearly pissed, and can't get those things out of your head. I would dump her right now. I know that 3 years is a long time, but if she goes out and have sex with another man in under 1 week. Then she definitely not deserves you!

    I wouldn't give a **** about her "apologize" about having sex with him to get over you.

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    Talk about it , thats what a relationship is about getting over problems together and becoming closer

    if you love her dont let her go

  • Adam
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    Yes you should break up with her for good this time.

    It will just keep bugging you

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