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My guniea pig scared?

Why does my guniea pig run away from me when I try to pick him and her up? They scratch me and run. R they ok?

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    If your guinea pig came from a breeder who did not handle it, it will be naturally nervous. I had two males, brothers, one of which became tame very quickly with regular gentle handling. The other took longer but got there eventually.

  • marlar
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    A scared guinea pig makes somewhat intense pitched squeaking at the same time as being picked up. They run away. some could chew even though it somewhat is somewhat, very uncommon. I easily have had over 40 guinea pigs and that i've got no longer as quickly as been bitten by potential of one. a chuffed guinea pig will squeak for foodstuff, make little squeaky noises at the same time as being petted, will take foodstuff out of your hand. Liz - a chuffed or unhappy guinea pig will relieve itself everywhere and everywhere, by potential of ways. they do no longer in basic terms have one spot the place they poop and pee! Oh and bill_the_cockroach..... guinea pigs don't have tails so as that is kinda stressful!!??

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    I had a guinea pig, he recently died of old age, but was ace! But like you he was skittish and like said previously they are naturally prey animals so will be skittish from their DNA, but I found slowly putting my hand towards him, even if he'd run, leave my hand there then pick him up, you have to be slow, patient but persistent if you want results!

    Source(s): My Sparky R.I.P Xxxx
  • Anonymous
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    They are prey animals in the wild, so their naturally skittish animals. After you bond with them, they might still run, might not. It depends on the guinea..

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