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Help me to care less about people in general?

If i meet someone i care and think of them as friend right away, that i would consider to be there anytime they want me, and now people only try to use me because of my personality. i want to care less if possible none about people. how can i do that, and be like whatever happens happens and move on. please i can't be hurt every time.


I work and go school, it is in between when i try to have social life. should i avoid that too

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    Don't be so forthcoming with your friendship. Just give when given to.

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    Part of growing up is learning to say no. So if someone asks you something which you consider is them making use of your good nature have a ready response, such as "I would like to do that, but I am afraid I am already committed to something else". There are nice ways to say no. Even a feeble excuse is better than doing something you would rather not do "Sorry, I can't. My mother has got something organised." (That is a good one. Nobody can argue with mothers!) If they ask what you can say you have no idea, so you hope it is not an unpleasant surprise. Joke.

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    focus on your own life, get a job or internship or something that you can focus on. then you won't always be available for your friends. also stop doing things that inconvenience you. i know it's hard -- i am a nice person as well -- but there is a difference between being nice and being taken advantage of.

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    Whenever sum1 pisses u off, forget about it n b like "i dont give a ****"

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