why do christians follow a faith and religion that has had a dark past?

most christians of today are only christians because it was indoctrinated to them by their parents and ancestors

do they even read about the dark history "christianity" has had and the effect it had on millions of people?

many were forced to convert at the point of a gun or sword, many were killed and tortured in the name of god, many innocent people were burned at the stake, the inquisition, etc.

also the majority were burned from their feet and skinned alive.

how can anybody follow such organizations that claim to promote peace and love when in reality it has brought nothing but death and suffering to this world

it's sick

and this goes for muslims to not just christians

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    9 years ago
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    You're correct christianity has unfortunately a very dark past however all christians are not the same. The bible has never changed tho. True christians that follow the bible are identified by love. They take a neutral stance in political affairs and live their lives being as peaceable as possible. Please go to www.watchtower.org for an article about the mark of true christians

    Source(s): The bible
  • 9 years ago

    And your saying Muslims don't torture and kill others because of their faith, wow what kind of hypocrite are you anyway? The other thing is that Christianity been around about 600 years before Islam, and your Muslim friends kill many Christians in the name of their faith. The thing is that Christians long sense venerated God and the Saints and believed that Jesus is God. Than along came Muslims and said that Jesus was an Idol that they were Idol worshipers and they did persecute Christians because of their faith. When the Christians said enough was enough and fought back all of a sudden we are the bad guys? Jews may have considered Christians as being heretics and for a long time there had been tension between the two but you Muslims are many times more brutal and violent compared to what the Jews or the Christians had done in the past.

  • 9 years ago

    I'm not even a Christian but calling a belief sick can and will insults some one.

    Why do you wear Lancom if it tests on animals?

    Why do you Shop at walmart when people are working at slave wages in third world countries?

    I'm not saying you do but these are all examples of beliefs.

    I 100% agree on peace, but who's to say peace is what you want. According to evolution we are just animals so why must we want "goodness" and "kindness" ? The government can give death sentences but other humans can't?

    All beliefs. If you really think about it, you can question all of them.

    A following example would be Adolph Hitler.

    He killed millions of people that we're Jewish, who followed the old testament which did burn people alive, so is he evil or good?

    Another point is, who is innocent and who isn't?

    Is it something you feel spiritually, or something you block emotion of, and judge it logically?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think they're in total denial about it, just like they are with everything else.

    I mean, you tell people on this board that Christians have literally killed countless millions of people in the name of their god, including inquisitions, pogroms, massacres, blood libels, abortion clinic bombings, acts of terrorism as recent as two months ago, and crusades; and they just look at you funny and deny it all.

    One thing they tell you is that it was X brand of Christianity, and that they're not responsible because they're not "the same religion." This is horse crap.

    If you follow the bible, and you believe in Jesus, you are a Christian. It makes no difference what you call yourself in addition to that. And it's other people who believed in the bible and Jesus that did these horrible things in the first place, which makes you and your bible just as responsible for these countless atrocities as they are.

    If it's fair to ask Islam to apologize for and denounce Islamic terror throughout the world... then why is it absurd to ask the same from Christianity, and Christians?

    The fact that they're not willing to denounce the horrors of Christianity, but rather deny that they ever happened only says that they plan on committing more atrocities in the name of their god whenever it's deemed acceptable. The behavior is very telling.

    Source(s): Edit: Here's a good rundown, even if it is incomplete: http://notachristian.org/christianatrocities.html
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    9 years ago

    Christianity involves a lot of people. Whenever there is a large group of people to that scale, bad things are bound to happen. When you get that many people together, you are bound to have some crazies. That doesn't mean that the whole group, or what it stands for, is wrong though. It's the human side, not the divine side, of Christianity that has a definite dark side to it.

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    9 years ago

    Oh honey, don't use this sort of nonsense as an argument. Jesus does not convert by the sword. If people did that using God's name, they are guilty of using His name for things He would never condone.

    And I am not a Christian based on anything other than my own years of study of the bible, and my experience of Jesus Christ.

  • 9 years ago

    In terms of christianity on here and i talk about on here only because I have christian friends and used to be one. My family is heavily christian. What I've dealt with on here are christians that i used to be like in trying to tell everyone that their religion or non belief is wrong and they were going to hell. As an atheist I have been on websites and when those things come up I find myself trying to argue, much like I did as a christian. In saying that it seems like the Y!A chrisitians are trying to convert. Atheists aren't trying to convert as much as defend themselves and state their opinion. No one forces you to not believe if you feel in your heart to believe then do it. I don't agree with you, but that doesn't mean you're a bad person it's all an individual thing. We need each other and i don't need the bible of whatever to tell me that killing someone is wrong. If we're told things for generations upon generations we are going to believe it much like racists or shovenists or whatever.

  • 9 years ago

    Wow. They had guns back in the Dark Ages? Is the rest of your historical ideas as faulty as that?

    You are correct that have been times when the parts of the Christian church had done wrong things. But that is also the reason why the Protestant Reformation and other movements happened within the church. To correct those things.

    Many of the things that you mentioned have also been localized. For example, the Inquisition did not extend much beyond Spain and parts of Italy.

    But just because a few of the people who claim to be part of a religion abuse it does not make the entire religion false any more than the unethical use of science makes all scientific ideas false.

  • 9 years ago

    The God I serve knows all about the injustices that have taken place in his name. He even warned us these things will happen. If you want to see the fair judgment of God then get on his side and witness it all. Otherwise you will be in the same line as those that have done all these things. God repented that he ever made man. But now he will see it to the end.

  • 9 years ago


    Many burnt alive, strangled then burnt, "Profanity against the Trinity Act" resulted in many losing jobs, property and their freedoms.

    Professed Christianity was at fault though, yes, Christendom, not genuine Christians, those who seek to follow Jesus the Christ.

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