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is a creolin bath (with water mixed in) safe to use on cats?

i need to get rid of fleas on my cat!! Regular shampoo doesn't work, is "Oakhurst creolin deodorant clean" safe to use to make a bath with water mixed in?


Has anyone tried using creolin on cats? I've heard that it's used on farm animals all the time, and dogs..

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    If it's not for cats, then it isn't safe. Get a real flea medication like Advantage or Frontline. It will kill all of the fleas within a matter of hours, and will protect your cat for a month. Never use any products that aren't specifically designed for cats, they can be very dangerous or toxic. Flea baths of any sort are generally ineffective and stressful for the cat. It's not healthy to bathe your cat anyway, unless they get into something nasty. Baths and shampoos strip the skin and coat of natural oils, drying out your cat's skin and causing more itching.

    Edit to add: Farm animals and dogs are much bigger and stronger than cats. Creolin is not for cats, don't use it.

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    just use baby soap or Jonson dish soap cus Creolin is not safe on cats

    Source(s): im a proud cat owner
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