Would it be better to take 1 ap class next year and then 3 junior year, or 2 next year and 3 or 4 junior year?

option 1: take one AP class sophmore year and gym, then take 3 (possibly 4) my junior year

option 2: take 2 AP classes sophmore year, then junior year take gym and 2 (possibly 3)

I say possibly because I don't know if I'll want to take an AP science class my junior year, since either way I will have an extra spot.

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  • 9 years ago

    it REALLY depends on what AP classes you're taking (I took 1 my sophomore year, 1 my junior year, and 4 my senior year, senior year probably being easier than the two before)

    Look into the work load of each and make your decision. generally, make sophomore year easier than junior year, so you get a feel of what an AP class is like and what's expected before you take the harder ones. but that also depends on your non-AP classes.

    and adviser would be better to talk to, as this is a very subjective subject.

    good luck!

    Source(s): been-there-done-that college freshman
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