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what are good freckle romoval creams?

ive been looking for a way to get rid of my freckles, and i want to use some sort of cream. i have no idea where i could buy it at, or what kind to get. i am a guy, so i dont want makeup. just something that i apply and over time loose freckles. i live in the US so i need it to be sold here (TX)

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  • 9 years ago

    Freckles fade with time there are no creams that make them fade faster. They are sun damage you can get them lasered off but they will come back.

    Source(s): I love freckles and I have many!
  • 9 years ago

    awww come on! love yourself for how you look and who you are. No need for any freckle removal kits. I say the same thing about plastic surgery and breast implants. Seriously, it's the only body you have so love it for what it is.

    Source(s): Me
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