How should I start my story?

Okay, so I'm writing a story about a 14-year-old named Stephen Young. He has brown, shaggy hair and sea blue eyes. He lived with his mother (his dad had up and left 2 years prior). When he dad left, Stephen began hanging out with the wrong people. He began bullying the other kids and stealing and skipping school and after 2 years of all this he was arrested for roberry and arson and sentenced to life in a penitentiary established especially for young criminals. The penitentiarys name is Grid Penitentiary and it's the meanest, roughest penitentiary in the U.S. (He's sentenced to life because the state has 0 tolerance for major youth crimes) And there he witnesses true hell such as dogs that look like they came from the pits of the hell, and guards that appear in the middle of the night and cart prisoners off that nobody ever sees again and weapons that look like they came from Area 51 or the Pentagon. This isn't all the details but a summary of whats to come. I need some story starters though. Any help?

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    Stephen. Stephen Young, the nicest yet most disturbed boy you ever did meet. His life was filled with sadness which was effecting his mental health. He usually kept himself to himself but things have changed over a passage of time until eventually he snapped.

    Good luck,do with that what you will :)

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    The horror author Clive Barker might start up some short thoughts with a kind of poetic introduction, placing the scene, the season, the feel of the era and so on. So an elementary poem, giving clues to the story forward ought to help, it doesnt must be complicated or fancy. you ought to even take an previous nursery rhyme and re-artwork it to commence your tale, as long because it somewhat is suitable, with some dots on the top, like this... ...commencing sentence after poem starts off like this. in line with hazard it must be a theory in somebody's head. Or the poem above springing to innovations of the guy you're approximately to jot down approximately.

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    You could start with Stephen getting in trouble. You also could do a preface of seeing his father leave and how he felt. With the feeling of this it could make the story come together better. I hope that helped

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