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Exercises for arms, belly, and legs?

I have an event coming up in exactly one month and I'm wearing a dress that exposes my arms and legs. t's also a little tight around my belly. I'm only concerned because I recenlty took a BMI indicator test in my health class and was told the I was overwieight for my arg (13yrs., 5"6, 152.5lbs). So, I need some exercises I can do to reduce the fat in these areas. I have no weights to use, so none of those exercies.

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    Im fourteen and i dont have weights either, so i usually do pilates, since i can obviously not go to a pilates class because i ont have a car, i just look up pilates classes and exercises on google and youtube, i lost weight really fast and it really works all over. Im sure you'll look gorgeous, good luck!

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    Well, if getting rid of fat and excess pounds is your main concern, then you should do cardio. Weight training exercises are used to build muscle. Cardio includes anything like running, jogging, cycling, and swimming. You should do cardio at least two days a week if you want to lose fat. But I wouldn't freak out if I were you, because you're just 13! It's common for younger children to be a little chubby. If you were 23 and had a high BMI, then THAT would worry be a little.

    Good luck with your dress!

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    A mixture of compound physical games. Squat & High Press with dumbells Diagonal wooden chop Chin or assisted Multi directional lunge & achieve Swiss ball crunch Do this as a circuit of 20-30 secs in line with undertaking relocating speedily type one to the following then participate in two-three minutes of aerobic recreation. That's a million circular do that for as many rounds as you'll and that stomach will slowly cut back as soon as complemented with a healthful weight loss program.

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    Get an ab roller. It's like arms, abs, back, if you can. but not legs. You could do squats for those.

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