what is the real estate market analysis for homestead florida?

i am looking for ahouse in homestead florida and want to know if that is a good place to buy or not

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  • 9 years ago
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    Homestead is a good place to live but as in all cities there are good areas and not so good areas. A lot depends on your budget. There are townhouses, condos and single family homes. I wouldn't recommend mobile homes because of hurricane season. There are farms in that area if you like farming. Just south of Homestead is Florida City which is the last city before the Florida Keys.

    I suggest you call a real estate buyer's agent who works that area. He or she will be able to help you think through the buying process. I hope you have good prospects for work. Income is very important before making a move because without it you can be miserable even in paradise.

    Source(s): Former real estate agent in Miami.
  • 4 years ago

    A couple of disorders right here. Your Realtor is certain by means of a code of ethics, that calls for him to be sincere and moral within the transaction and no longer withhold essential understanding, like a decrease priced comp. That being stated, it does not always imply he's going to do exactly that. At threat for him could be that he might be sued, lose his process, or lose his license, and at the turn aspect if he received yet another $10,000 in income rate, due to the fact a 6% fee at the complete transaction could equate to $six hundred which he could proportion together with his dealer, because of this probbly a change to him of round $360 earlier than taxes. customarily no longer valued at the deception. However, should you desire a further agent to do a comp evaluation, there's not anything that's preventing you from asking - b ut, be sincere with them. Realtors, nor any individual else for that subject, desires to paintings at no cost. I could ask your Realtor to pay a referral cost to a further impartial Realtor of your selecting for doing the evaluation. A well cost possibly $250, to be re-imbursed via the last to you. There are internet web sites in a few places, I do not know approximately yours, however I propose a legit doing it for you as an green individual will customarily get the improper message to a few measure. Last factor - you're going to an appraisal performed in order to aid to verify the significance earlier than last. The agreement might be written to preserve your function on required significance.

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