did hpi have any relations with duratrax when duratrax made nitro rc cars? And what should I get?

Hello i have a 2005 duratrax nitro evader that is the bigist pain I ever dealt with. EVER! but there's something about it you cain't hate, and it has a 3cc engine. but it takes 100 pulls on the cord to start it and i put on a rotary drive starter and it drains my drill battery before i can even start it. may i add i cleaned the carb, i cleaned the gas tank. How ever it has been running good lately after i gave it to my local hobby store and had them tune it up soon after that i installed 2 new servos and tie rod ends. If you want to buy it it needs a little more tuning and she will be the best back yard basher. make an offer below and i might put it on ebay. so any way i was looking at the Traxxas rustler 2.5 and the hpi mt2 g3.0. diffrence between the 2 trucks is hpi has 4wd, a 3cc engine, roto start, and nicer tires and costs a bit more. the Traxxas has a 2.5cc engine (smaller), electric start, and a little bit faster (by 5mph). The only reason im leaning towards the traxxas is the fact all the components on the hpi look very similar to my old duratrax for example, the same remote, same heat sink shape on cylinder head and same exhaust pipe. maybe im just being nit picky but if hpi has any relations with duratrax my answer to buying one would be no! look on amazon for a duratrax nitro evader and look at the components they are similar. And what is better hpi or traxxas or losi and im in the price range of $350 give or take. Thanks for your time, and if you want a nice backyard basher leave a offer in your answer and i may sell it to you. im thinking $90 because i put $100 dolor's worth of parts on it, tires, rims, fuel line, servos, bumper, antenna tiger drive roto start its a good deal and ill throw in the costume carrying case and spare parts. If you want to recommend any other cars or brands in my price range feel free.

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    9 years ago
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    Nope, no available relationship here... There are no relations...

    Good luck!

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