How hard is Joffrey Ballet summer intensive in NYC to get into?

i will be 18 years old when i want to attend the summer intensive for about a month. its aged 16-25 im pretty sure. I have been dancing for nine years and i was really considering auditioning for the school. This will be for next summer not this upcomming one. How difficult is it to get in? I just want to continue my level of training probably not to the professional performing level in intense companies but to go further with a strong level of talent. thanks! How many people do you think they take a year? thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    The Joffrey NYC is not an elite SI program. It is not afflicted with the Joffrey ballet. That school is in Chicago. It is not considered a hard program to get into however it is harder than many of the ABT programs who will take just about anyone who applies (except for ABT NYC and perhaps ABT NC which is a brand new program this year and ABT Detroit) If you have been dancing for 9 years and have decent technique, you should be able to get in. They take a lot of students.

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