My best friend feels left out...?

My best friend(Layla) and I were split up for classes in the seventh grade. Im in this class with my other best friend(Rose). Layla told me she feels very left out when we all hangout. She told me she feels as if Rose is taking me away from her. Layla is my number 1 best friend, and I dont want her to feel this way. Im always with Rose, and we always hang out and crack up together. We have tons of inside jokes, but I can tell its bothering Layla.



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  • 9 years ago
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    Find some separate time for Layla, without Rose involved. When Rose is around, try to include Layla into the joke so she doesn't feel as bad. I used to be the the left out friend too, and this made me feel way better. It'll be better Iif Layla and Rose are friends.

  • 9 years ago

    Tell her that you know how you feel and you are really sorry, tell her that she is your number one best friend. At school spend time with Rose but at lunch you can sit with Layla that way she might feel better and after school hang out with her and spoil her that way she won't feel left out or bad. I hope it works.

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