Question for agender/genderqueer people?

What do you do when someone refers to you as a boy/girl? Everytime someone refers to me as a girl, i feel odd correcting them, because it suddenly makes everything serious? Or maybe because if i say "I'm not a girl" people assume I'm a boy, and sdiofhjkdsfhs

What do you do in these situations? And non-genderqueer people, how would you respond if your friend said they were genderqueer?


i mean, how do you respond when someone says you're a girl, when youre not?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'm a FAAB genderqueer person. Since I live with my parents atm and have a job where I want to look 'professional' I go day-to-day presenting myself as a female. When I'm online though I do correct people who assume I'm a female and tell them either that I'm gq (and explain it) or just to refer to me by male pronouns (but don't necessarily say I'm male).

    When I go into grad school I plan to actually be myself (shocker!) and wear my binder when I need to, etc. and go by my preferred name instead of my birth name (which I greatly dislike). I won't know about what pronouns I'll go by - it would feel awkward going by male pronouns (especially considering how feminine I look) and what reactions I may get. I think mostly I prefer gender neutral terms but they're mostly unknown by the general public. I can't stand being called miss/lady though.

    To tell the truth, my friends (except for one) don't know about my gender. I present myself as female. It's kind of tricky to explain. My gender *identity* varies (almost in a bigender way), but I'm comfortable with a female *expression* 80% of the time.

    It's hard to figure out where I truly stand as I can't be myself currently. Hopefully I can get a gender therapist on campus at college (it's free that way) and get it all sorted out. To add, this is something I've been going through for about five years now. I guess I was a late bloomer. :P

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    9 years ago

    Its Gay to you thankyou! and i dont understand the guestion

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