Looking for a Hedgehog and info?

Hi, I am looking for a hedgehog and i would like some info about them. They are legal here in Texas, and if you don't recommend them, what do you recommend then? I don't want a hamster or gerbil, mainly because of the stink. Please help me out.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hedgehogs don't make good pets for most people. They have to be kept in a specific temperature range year-round (72-80F), they hate loud noises, they are nocturnal and will be awake when you're asleep, they are creatures of habit and require daily handling and attention to be healthy and happy, and aren't exactly affectionate.

    The best information on hedgehogs and their care can be found at the pages of the International Hedgehog Association (hedgehogclub.com) and the Michigan Hedgehog Owners Group (mihog.org), as well as the forums at hedgehogcentral.com and chins-n-hedgies.com.

    Source(s): 15 years of experience with over a dozen hedgehogs, over 50 percent of which were rescues from people who gave them up because they hadn't done their research on what they are like and how they have to be cared for.
  • 9 years ago

    Do you have 500 dollars to spend right this second? If no, then look elsewhere. I love my hedgehog but I wish I had known in the beginning how much everything is to start. Just with all the supplies and the hedgehog itself, it can get pricey. And the vet bills are pretty scary lol.

    If you are willing to give them the special care they need, like keeping the cage between 72-78 degrees (F), having a thermometer, a thermostat, a light source that will be on the cage roughly 12 to 14 hours a day and the same time every day, a minimum 2sqft cage.. then maybe.

    You also need to see if there is a vet near you. Hedgehog are legal where I am in Ontario Canada but the closest hedgehog specialist is an hours drive away. I'm willing to make the trip, and you need to be as well.

    Know that your hedgehog will not greet you. Take that puppy dog pet thought out of your head because he or she will NOT show you very much affection. You can love them all you want but they wont "love" you back (no kisses or licks for you! lol)

    They are amazing pets though, Baby Girl is the perfect pet for me. I would say do a month of serious research, look up every youtube video you can, watch the nasty ones where they poop on their wheel (because they do, its unavoidable) and if you still want one (and are comfortable with gross things like them pooping on you lol) then you need to look up breeders.

    Hedgehogcentral has a list of breeders there. Check it out :)

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