I'm a curious cat and need someone's opinion?

I'm in college and this guy who I liked for a while and hooked up with but told me he doesn't see me as anything more than a friend has his sister at school visiting who is the same age as him. His roommate was walking back with me from the dining hall and told me to meet her. It hasn't been awkward between me and the guy i liked since i don't let things get awkward but we hadn't seen each other in about 1.5 months and hadn't talked but after I came into the room and introduced myself to his sister he immediately out of the blue hugged me and while talking with them for like 5 minutes since they were leaving for a concert, he said they were all coming home and watching a movie in 3D and asked me if i'd want to come over and watch with them. From not talking to him for a while and then all of a sudden inviting me over with everyone, what's going on? Is he just being this super friendly because his sister is here?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Men are men,they are complicated. I do not think it was over friendliness because his sister was there. Just be careful,cause you "hook up" once,maybe he wants another "hook up". The choice is your's. Maybe he was really happy just to see a old friend. But be happy you are involved with his friends and family and get to spend time with him. Good luck,hope this helped..Jaime

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    9 years ago

    Your a cat? Gross! Cats carry diseases! I think you should spend less time with cat's I used to have a cat and it bit me on the arm yesterday so I god rid of it. I now have a mark on my arm that I still have and can't get rid of! I should have thrown it out the window so it would have known what it is like to be so humiliated!

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