What to wear in Ireland in April?

My husband and I are going to Dublin, Ireland area around April 19th. We are trying to figure out what to wear. Are jeans and running shoes fine? Should we both get some waterproof boots like Bogs? From all I've read I think we will need good rain jackets and umbrellas. But other than rainboots or sneakers, what kind of walking shoes should we bring? If it is raining and wet we don't want to wear leather shoes. What do people wear with Khakis? Thanks!!!


And also, does anyone know if they have Diet Coke in Ireland?

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    Yes, Diet Coke is available in every shop and supermarket in Ireland.

    Unless you plan on hiking through boggy mountains or mucky fields, you won't need waterproof boots. You are likely to encounter showers in April, but they shouldn't last long, and you could do as we do, just shelter until each is over.

    You can check the 5-day weather forecast http://www.met.ie/forecasts/5day-ireland.asp before you come. At present (and promised for next week too) daytime temperatures pleasantly around 13°C, quite nice in the sunshine, but night down to about 4°C, and we have had no rain in my area for several weeks. Last week was exceptionally nice, sunshine up to 22°C. Last year April was very warm and sunny, but that is no guarantee it will be the same this year.

    Jeans and running shoes are fine, and bring a cardigan or fleece. Dress in layers and you can add or subtract as necessary. A light waterproof is a good idea, though I live here and have a couple of jackets but don't own a raincoat or umbrella. Bring any comfortable walking shoes, leather if you want to. My current typical day wear is jeans, T shirt, cardigan or fleece.

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    Yes, we have Diet Coke lol =)

    You'll need to be prepared for all types of weather, it's very changeable here especially around this time of year. Bring tracksuits, jeans, shorts, runner, wellies, rain jackets, jumpers, normal tops, vests.

    The kind of walking shoes you need to bring depend on what your going to do. If you're planning on walking up some mountains, bring strong sturdy boots. If your just hanging around shops and the like, just ordinary shoes you'd wear everyday are fine - runners, pumps, boots, and if the weather's good, sandals.

    Hope this helps!

    Lauren xx

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    You should be fine for jeans and sneakers, prepare for rain, it's common. You may want water proof boots, but you'll probably be fine. Temperature will be mild for the most part, perhaps a tad chiller than what mainland North Americans maybe used to for mid-April, but it shouldn't be by too much. Yes, you should be able to get a coke or diet coke at any canteen or store. Just don't hold your breath for energy drinks, they're not legal to sell in Ireland and the U.K.

    Source(s): An absolutley all-consuming desire to visit Ireland lead to weeks of exhausting reasearch. Also my Mum's welsh and has been to Ireland.
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    Hmm its hard to tell because last week was 25c here but it was 0c this morning so its hard to tell. Next week is ment to be cold about 5c with some snow so what i would do is bring your winter wooleys and some wellingtons and then shorts and t-shirts for the warm weather which will probably come at the end of april.

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