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Hamster salt overdose?

I have three hamsters for over a year. I usually feed them with fruit and I fill the water tank with salt. They don't seem to need water as they get enough liquid from the fruit (oranges, pineapples, cabbage...). But two days ago the biggest hamster appeared to be eating a lot of salt the entire day, and then yesterday it started to behave stange. Its hair began falling off, its nose turned yellowish, some liguid seemed to be flowing from its eyes, and it walked really, really weird. Could it be because of the salt or is it something else, a disease or something? I'm desperate right now as I don't want it to die out. :(

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    Hamsters don't need table salt. You have poisoned it. If you feed them with approved hamster food and have a fresh water supply, that's good. Mineral blocks are a different thing to normal table salt. Stop feeding your hamsters salt NOW!

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    I would contact your local veterinarian right away.

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