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What should i do with my friend?

Ok so i used to be best friends with this girl. She always mutters "I hate her" i never did anything wrong to her. I was a good friend to her. i thew her a birthday party and had a expensive cake just for her, buy her souviners from vacations, gave her birthdat and christmas presents. During the summer, i noticed she didn't beleive anything that i said. I invited her, well more like she asked to come to my barbaque. I told her my godsister and her family were coming over for a barbaque and when they did come over, she asked my godsister if i was her godsister than my godsister said yes than she was like oh i thought she was lying. That got me so mad. When the school year started, i got mad at her for not wanting to walk with me before 1st period. I know i overeacted but whatever. I barely have any friends to talk to or hang out so that's out of the question. it is because i'm a quiet person and i usually keep to myself.. Anyway, i everything for my friend. I forced her to eat when she wasn't eating because she wanted to lose weight. I cared epmhasis on the cared part. I cared about her, i didn't want anything bad to happen to her. I always forced her to go to her locker every morning before school and teach her how to open her locker and to this day, she still can't open her locker. She always asks guys out she barely even knows. She asked this guy out on our bus and she didn't even know his name. She keeps flirting with him and it got to the extent where the poor guy took to Facebook and updated his status. saying "Im tired of this girl on my bus she keeps asking me out and creppying me out i hate this i tell i dont like her that way and she keeps it up i dont know what to do anymore!!!" his friend commented saying i wish was you and he commented back saying. "dude its nt wt u think this girl is ******* creepy she takes pics of me when im nt looking she says we r married tht we r dateing tht she is going to look 4 me in my house nd awhole lot more" that's how desperate she is!. She keeps on making ask guys out for her and i do it to make her happy and she mostly gets rejected because the guys barely know her.Here's another thing, she's slow, dumb and doesn't have any common sense at all. I don't mind her at all for being that. I accepted her for she was was. I always stood up for when people said she's too slow to fuction and a bunch of other stuff. There is this one time where i overheard a guy complaining about her because she keeps on flirting with him. I told her about it and told her not to tell anyone else and guess what?. She did it anyway by confonting him and he confronted me during class. I felt so embarassed. All i did was try to look out for her. That got me so pissed. I confronted her about it and asked why but she kept changing the subject and i got mad so i kind of started yelling at her than she changes the subject. Everytime i try to sort something out. She avoids it. The thing about her is that she doesn't know how to keep secrets. She asked my friend if she liked my guy friend and that he liked her in front of my guy friend. That was really bad of her to do that. So my guy friend doesn't like her in result of what happened. She also is really annoying like legit. She really hyper and took my headphones and put in her mouth. Yes. In her mouth. She thinks she's being funny, fun or thinks it normal but it isn't. It's really abnormal. She did it twice, she also licked my ipod screen, my hippie handband. Not only that, she took my friend's valentines day gift which was a teddy bear and licked it and claimed that it was hers and poor friend gave it to her. She also took her rubber bracelet and put it in her mouth and i had to take it out of it and give it back. She acts so childish all the time, she flirts in a joking way with my guy friend but really he finds it really annoying. I think she has some type of discorder or something. I can't distinquish what she has. She also has a speech deficit. Like she doesn't have good diction and i cant really understand what she's saying half the time. She doesnt have mental retardation or anything like that. She fuctions nomally but she's slow, dumb and doesnt have common sense. She cooks, she cleans and all that normal stuff.Oh yeah, she also thinks im a liar because her mom thinks im a liar. I think it was because it some sort of misunderstanding. It drives me crazy that she thinks im a liar because i WOULD never lie to her. She also attacks me when i carry food in the bus from foods class in school. One time, she was really hyper and she thought it would be funny to put it down my bra. Last week, she took my fries and slushi and tried drinking it from my straw. I tried to explain to her that it was germy and disguisting and because it was drink. She shouldn't be drinking/eating people's already eaten/drinken food.All in in

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    .Leslie that's way too much reading.When all you want is reassurance this 'friend' is worth the bother. he can't keep a secret.So don't tell her any.In fact don't tell her anything and let her fend for herself. Time to reappraise if this fiasco of a friendship is really worth prolonging

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    Umm my nice peers sure, however despite the fact that I love the women I hang around with, I wouldn't absolutely believe them. It sounds terrible however I realize for a proven fact that they usually gossip approximately every different. Either means is say I have a few peers who're both reasonable climate peers and a few who're like sisters to me.

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    sounds to me like you need to just talk to her..... you wont find anything out about how she feels or whats bothering her if you dont ask... unfortunately she seems to be who she is and except her for who she is if she is your best friend...... and if you dont think you can live with her different ways then you need to just move on..... but just ask her whats wrong otherwise you wont ever know and it will always be the way that it is right now.

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