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What happened between me and him? help please?

I used to have this really close guy friend (I'll call him J), anyway me+J had been close for ages, and when he was going out with my mate we got closer like hanging around together at lunch, always hugging, flirting (but like not meaning it) and sitting together in class. I mean we were really good mates and just for the record, we did not 'like' eachother at all. But about a week ago he got a gf, I'm really happy for him as hed been going on about her for weeks! But since then we haven't really talked, only in lessons where we have to sit by/near eachother and we don't really talk then. He doesn't hang around with me at lunch ànymore and its like our friendship never happened. So can someone tell me what's going on and why he's acting like this? /:

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    He's probably busy with his girlfriend. If you feel that you wanna hang out with him for a little, then Just ask him. If your close buds, then don't be shy and ask for some quality time.

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    Maybe he thought your flirting was a little more than harmless, but knew that you didn't feel the same. Once he moved on and got a girlfriend, he probably felt like flirting with you was equivalent to cheating on his new girlfriend. Just take it easy, lower the flirtation level, and eventually he will regain confidence in the harmlessness of your friendship.

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    Sounds like he enjoys your company as a friend and is trying to be a good boyfriend. His girlfriend might wonder what is going on with you two if you hang out all the time. I'm sure he will introduce you in time.

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    UGH grl this has happened to me before! He really likes her and cherishes her! He just saw you as a friend, and want to treat this girl like a princess before he gets back into the "i have more girls (who are friends) in my life than you" and same with her too. Just give it some time, hope i helped!

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    I think he's afraid of making her jealous, he really likes her.

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