I just bought a phalaenopsis orchid...?

and when I brought it home this evening, it was bone-dry. The roots are that thirsty silver color. I am concerned for my little plant, but it's late and I know it should only be watered in the early morning to give it a chance to dry out before nighttime. Should I just make it hold out until tomorrow for a drink, or give it some water now?


Also, some of the buds are shriveled up and ready to fall off. Others are fine.

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    9 years ago
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    You are only supposed to water orchids once a week. You soak the orchid in the sink and let it drain, don't ever let it stand in water. A lot of people think orchids grow in swampy areas but orchids are parasites of trees. They don't really like soil and they get their nutrients from the bark of the tree. That's why you are not supposed to constantly water orchids. :) hope this helps you out :)

    Source(s): Mom is a master gardener
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