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Which baby girl name?

We are having a daughter soon and are going to name her either Audrey or Hayley. Which name sounds better? Also, what kind of girl do you picture with those names? Thanks!

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    Aw they're both really pretty!

    I think of Audrey as a girl with delicate features and is real classy and what not

    Hayley.. just a careless energetic enthusiastic girl.

    I think I'd pick Hayley, though.

    I like its pronunciation more than Audrey.

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    Honest opinion, I'd go with Hayley, Audrey sounds too much of an older persons name if you get what I mean

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    I like the name Hayley better its very beautiful. I used to like name Audrey until I met a women with that name she was the most evil person I met she was at least forty and threatened to beat up other people's children.

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    Audrey is my personal favorite.

    With Audrey, I think of a tall, slender girl with short hair. A girl with an artsy personality and a little more into things like theatre and poetry. She's smart and romantic, but not the romantic like "Oh, I'll meet someone and fall instantly in love with him."

    Hayley, to me, just reads mean girl. A girl who's all about "Me, Myself, and I". She'll do her schoolwork and get decent grades, but is always more concerned about her looks and her outfits.

    They're both gorgeous names, but I've met too many mean girls named Hayley.

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    Audrey is more unique, and makes me think of a free spirit. Hayley is a slighty common name, a.d Audrey is very nice.

    Good luck :-)

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    To me hayley sound like a nerd and Audrey sound like someone popular idk lol I like audrey

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