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1943 Winchester M1 Garand...What's it Worth?

My grandpa has a 1943 WINCHESTER, yes, Winchester M1 Garand. He was issued this gun when he was in the military (sometime between the 50's-60's). It has the bayonet, clips, clip holders, and any other accessories you could think of. It is unknown if this gun was used in WW II or any other conflict, but he was not the first person to be issued the gun. I know that since it is a Winchester, not a Springfield, it is worth more. Also, I might add that it looks as good as new. Any guesses on how much this thing is worth?!

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    Even if your grandfather was issued the rifle in the 50's or 60's, it has likely seen a rebuild beforehand and has some mixed parts.

    If it has mixed parts, it really isn't worth any more than a mixed-parts Springfield Armory. Book values according to the Standard Catalog of Military Firearms 5th Edition. These prices are fairly accurate according to the close watch I keep on M1 Rifles at every gun show I attend:

    Rebuilt value:

    exc: $900

    very good: $750

    Non-rebuilt with original finish, original stock, original parts, lock-bar rear sight etc. These rifles are rare, and it is unlikely his rifle has all original parts:

    (serial numbers before 1380000 are the higher value listed)

    exc: $3000-4500

    vg: $2000-2500

    The value of accessories is not included in the prices I've quoted.

    One thing about M1 Rifles, is despite the book values, an individual rifle with provenance or the right features or condition (even in rebuilt condition) can bring a premium.

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    Winchester M1 Garand

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    M1 Garand Value

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    As issued, all original parts a driven collector might give you $1500- $2000. If your GP can come up with any paperwork showing it was issued to him it would add value. Maybe another 500-1000.

    The original bayo and scabbard are going for $300

    Bandoliers, belts and pouches also bring good money.

    You could be looking at $3000 to a collector for ALL ORIGINAL, AS ISSUED, WWII

    A re-arsenal take $1000 off

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    When the US Government was looking for a contractor(s) to produce Garrands for the war they accepted any companies example for testing according to the "Mil-Spec" standard established by the military.

    Garrands made by Winchester number in the hundreds of thousands, while those produced by Springfield Armory number in the millions. Those numbers also affect the value.

    Case in point ...."Singer Sewing Machine Co." Produced 5 (five) Garrands for testing...ANYONE OF THOSE GARRANDS is worth "Hundreds of Thousands" of dollars to collectors.

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    I use to give value quotes from a gun Blue Book. But I have found the prices published are sometimes 2 years old. Now-a-days real time gun values are hard to determine because of almost daily wild swings in the economy. In a good economy, collector guns go up in price (lots of ready cash available) and utility gun prices go down. In a bad economy collector gun prices go down (no ready cash available), but utility grade guns are more desirable and prices go up. Here are links to the more popular gun auction sites. Look up your gun and you can get a better ideal of the current value of your gun. .

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    As you describe it, possibly $1500 to $2500. Someone who knows collectible Garands needs to look at it to narrow it down.

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