What are some good android apps and why?

I just got a new evo3d and I want to hear you guys opinion on what you all think are some good apps that I may want to add and why?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    DrawSomething- Best app. Ever.

    ChompSMS- Because the Stock Android messaging is annoying.

    Gingerbread SenseMod keyboard- Because Android keyboards are annoying.

    Temple Run- Because it's not possible to dislike Temple Run.

    Opera Mini- The only web browser I've ever used on a cell phone.

    Glow Hockey.

    Fruit Ninja.

    Eonline, if you're into stuff like that.

    YoPuzzle2- It's so much fun when you're bored.

    Zedge- Free wallpaper, yay.

    Sketch n Draw- It's just really, really cute.

    Simi Clock- Makes your phone look better.

    Screenshot, unless your phone already does that.

    Angry Birds, unless you're annoyed by it.

    Textfree apps. They're extremely useful, sometimes.

    Moboplayer- It's pretty necessary to play videos outside of youtube.

    Camera360- Edits pictures pretty nicely.


    MusicParadise- downloads music.

    Yahoo mail- I use Yahoo a lot.

    I think those are all the apps on my phone. I'd recommend them, because they're the ones I use. o:

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