My boyfriend says he wants a break nd now he won't stop calling I'm confused?

My bf said he wants a break cause he found out his daughter is sick with lupus I'm ok with that I backed off but he still calls me all day I don't get it? I'm hurt he even wanted a break and I told him I'd be there for him he said not break up just a break now he is trying to invite me placed and calls n texts still I tried to do everything for him I usually am his ride to work I wanna cut all the things I do for him if I'm not that important to him to help him thru this tuff time ... I'm confused should I stick around or just let him go??I wanna tell him if he wants a break to find his own way home from work

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  • 9 years ago
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    You feel you are being used - not good enough to be a gf, but

    good enough to be a taxi, a psychologist, a sounding board,

    Only you can decide if this is what you want. Your heart is telling

    you to make a complete break, and l think you should listen to

    your spidey sense. This could be what brings clarification to both

    of you. You may decide that there really isn't that much to your

    relationship, or that what you have is the real thing, and it's time

    to take things a step farther.

  • 9 years ago

    Tell him what he meant by break? Just leave him alone n if he calls, make your talks short. Visit once In a while

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