ideas for a story about traveling?

for social studies, i'm writing a story about traveling from Seoul, South Korea to Algeirs, Algeria.

we aren't allowed to travel by plane, but we're required to have at least 3 sources of transportation we take in the story.

we also have to stop in at least six different countries on out way.

we should include things about the countries we stop in such as culture, food, currency, etc.

once i get a good idea, i could write and write and write. i'm just having a difficult time coming up with a plot and really need some help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well your first form of non plane transport would be ferry from south korea to china as you cant go through north korea. You would have to stop in china to change transport so that would be first port of call. The take train from beijing to moscow on the Trans Manchurian and Mongolian route,moscow your second stop. Then take train from moscow to istanbul (3rd stop) then train to israel (4th stop) ferry across the suez to egypt (5th stop) then bus from cairo to algeria having to pass through libya and possibley tunisia (6th and maybe 7th stop)

    So modes of transport

    1) Ferry

    2) Train

    3) Bus


    1) China

    2) Russia

    3) Turkey

    4) Israel

    5) Egypt

    6) Libya/Tunisia

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