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Is Zelda: The Minish Cap available for download on 3DS's eshop? I own a 3DS and...+++++++?

I own a 3DS and finished playing Ocarina of time and Link's awakening. I bought both of these and am looking to buy more Zelda games for the 3DS. Is the Minish Cap or other Zelda games still available to be purchased somewhere either via e-shop?

Thanks in advance.

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    No, Minish Cap was only for Ambassadors who bought the 3DS before the price drop. The nes games will be on the e-shop later( some already are like Super mario bros and metroid) but the gba games will not be on the e-shop. You'll just have to hope that the Oracle games will be added sorry. But the 3DS can play dsi games so you can also buy Phantom hourglass and Spirit tracks.

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    Its true that only ambassadors exclusively obtain it but you can also find a person with a certified ambassador 3DS and tell him/her to download The Minish Cap into your SD card (along with any other NES and GBA games available for ambassadors)

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