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I am damn obsessed with my former professor, what do I do?

It's been nearly a year since I graduated and now live a long way away from that campus but I can't stop thinking about him, keep coming back to those memories, have all the craziest thoughts and feelings but can't come back to even visit, and will probably not even be able to do so in many years if ever. I miss his incredible warmth, passionate personality, exuberant vitality, predator smile :-) and beautiful green eyes. I've been literally dying for him for the past year or so... I'm getting lost in my obsession spending HOURS and HOURS thinking of him, engaging in useless reflections, memories and fantasies... This is becoming unhealthy and keeps me off task, I am losing track of goals in life, can't read or focus on literally anything, can't sleep. I'm becoming increasingly more dysfunctional and disintegrated with society.

We can't keep in touch because he is ignoring my messages; we had an argument before I graduated.

What I fear most is that THIS IS IT, that I won't see him again, that I won't even happen to come close to being around, that I won't feel the warmth of his passionate heart. The pain of sheer reality of it makes me shudder.

My goal is to ask the audience members: what's my diagnosis? Am I even curable? And what it is do you think I should do about the situation? Please, do not remain indifferent and help me. Thank you.

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    Your professor seems to be leading you on as you have an unhealthy obsession you need to deal with. Try meeting new men and you might grow out of the dependence on this guy to live your life. Sounds easy doesn't it? If you want to go back to your professor (eww) then go back and propose to him.

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    It happens. Where there is a will, there are several ways. If necessary, try to strengthen you existing will-power and handle the issue efficiently and effectively to the best of you ability and capacity. Use your discretionary powers wisely. You are your own best judge. I leave it your own sweet-will. On all such matters, self help is the best help. I know you are wise enough to handle such tough situations to your best advantage.

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    It's been a year? Baby, you gotta go back and get him.

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    all is fleeting.

    this, included. ;)

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