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This is for all Catholics?

Please just consider this: If no one told you about god, you would not know about him, or at least like you know him now. With that said, why did you just choose to believe what people tell you?

Also, all those things in the bible like the ark and the flood, the river of blood, the splitting the ocean in half, all this never happened after the video camera with invented.

* i am not an atheist or trying to disprove anyone, I just want to know what other people think about this ok?

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    The Church teaches that the existence of God can be determined just by observing Creation.

    With love in Christ.

  • DaveD
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    The idea that people only believe what they have been told to believe is simply dumb. I was raised as a Catholic, rejected it and became an atheist. Began to question that because of things that just did not make sense... events of the supernatural, etc. and so became an agnostic. I discovered that God had to exist because of the symmetry I saw and the need of a first cause, and so became a Deist. I examined the various religions and I saw words to live by in the message of Christ, and so called myself a Christian. Examined the various Christian religions and found the greatest truth in the Catholic and Orthodox faiths. I preferred the Catholic rituals to the Orthodox, and so returned to Catholicism.

    Rejection of what you have been taught as a child and reaffirming it for yourself is a NECESSARY part of faith development that EVERYONE (no matter what faith) goes through. The only ones who are "brainwashed" and keep repeating the same idiocies no matter how many times it has been explained are the atheists who are on these boards.

    In as far as the incidents you mention they are believed literally only by those who believe the Bible as the word-for-word truth. The vast majority of Catholics do not take the Bible in that way. The Bible certainly is the "Inspired Word of God". It is not however the "Inspired wordS of God". Its truth is in its message... not its history, science nor sociology. The concept of history, especially of the ancient Jews was different from our own. The actual events were not as important as what the meaning of the event was. Often detail were exaggerated to make the meaning clear. This is seen clearly if you read 1 & 2 Maccabees. BOTH books covers the exact same events. But whereas 1Maccabees is in a more historical sense, 2Maccabees is a more theological one. 1 Maccabees might say that Juda Maccabees defeated an army of 3000 with an army of 2000, whereas 2Maccabees would say that he defeated an army of 30,000 with an army of 1000 because God was on his side.

  • David
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    I didn't choose what people told me.

    I spent years studying the religion and when I decided it was right, I joined.

    As for the stories in the Bible, many of them are meant to be analyzed metaphorically and figuratively. They aren't literal stories, and for the ones that were, ask yourself this; if they were fake, why did people believe them?

    You go out and make up a story, and see how many followers it gets.

    Just because it happened a long time ago, it doesn't mean it did not happen. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. 2,000 years from now, someone could say "It didn't happen." But they wouldn't make sense.

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    I'm an atheist but was raised Catholic (Catholic family, community and school), knowledge of Catholicism didn't draw me in or make me believe but just made me refute the whole religion. It is an idolatry and therefore contradictory religion that goes against the Christians Gods rules/guidelines yet still believes they are right, how can you pick and choose your own moral guidelines and values and interpret them to suit yourself and still say you are pleasing God? It's not coincidence that people are of the same religion as their families or communities, they just believe what they have been brought up and told to believe whereas atheists are usually more free thinking, logical and rational. I think all religions are as bad as each other though.

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  • Why Do Catholics Get All Of The Cool Questions...

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    Why would this question apply to Catholics alone? Surely it would apply to every Christian out there.

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    Lets see they would not believe in God if no one told them.

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    God works through us, when we allow Him to.

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    That's kind of what a faith is all about...blindly believing, otherwise it wouldn't be "faith".

    Not arguing for or against it, just saying.

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    Which "universal" people are you talking to ?


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