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How long do you have to be employed as a 1rst time home buyer I graduated from college witha EMT degree in Nov?

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    FHA loans are rigorous! I am I the process of purchasing a condo and it’s a long process, lots of paperwork! I graduated college last DEC but worked throughout college. I was approved for an FHA loan by myself. My boyfriend on the other hand… same thing as you. He graduated college in May and worked here and there but nothing solid and we can’t use his income on the loan because he hasn’t worked long enough. We tried typing out a full page length letter about why he was unemployed (college) but they still didn’t add him to the loan. He’s currently employed and has held a managerial position with a good salary at a solid company since the end of last year. And he still wasn’t approved. Fha usually requires 2 years of solid income/tax returns/pay stubs, etc.

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    If FHA, they will require 2 years solid employment.

    I'm not going to assume you can make a conventional loan with 20%+ down, since you have not even started working yet.

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    Most lenders want a 2 year employment history by at least one of borrowers

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