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Did this sound like I was bragging? Please read..?

A friend asked me about my degree and courses, so I said the truth as I felt :

1- My courses were challenging, required lots of efforts and hard work of 14 hours of study/day, no time to breath.

2- But my courses were very well written and interesting, and prepared me well for my current career, helped me get a job quickly.

Did I sound arrogant or pompous?

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    Not at all. You were giving a good answer to someone who wanted to know about the degree and courses. It was a good answer. Not bragging or even close. And honest-no time to breathe. People need to know that fact. Looking at someone with a good job, one would ask how hard it was and they need to hear true things like that.-14 hours of studying-whoa. That could make you or break you.

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    Ken, you NEVER know how someone else will take what you say! While I take it to mean that your extremely proud of your hard work in school, and how lucky you are to have a path ahead of you that's not only defined but promising, someone else will think your bragging! Who cares? And if your that worried, ask! Their your friend and are probably 1) proud of you and 2) like you. So if they took it wrong they will let you know if you ask. Miscommunication is a major problem in this world, its what gets many people stalked and hurt (i.e., smiling at someone who then thinks "oh, wow, I now have a new boyfriend," etc.) In other words, you can't really truly know what others think, even if you do ask them as they will likely tell you what they think you or society deems appropriate. All you can do is care about how you sound and that makes you humble. You sound humble to me, so I doubt if you came across badly to a friend! Good luck!

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    9 years ago

    Umm no you simply answerd a question you ho to collage you work hard you deserve to be able to brag even though you weren't

  • 9 years ago

    no it just sounded like you were proud of all the work you had put in to it(:

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  • Amy B.
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    9 years ago

    No, you didn't even talk about yourself, you talked about an experience.

  • Bob
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    9 years ago

    Not at all..

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