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Good ways of getting my dog to like people? READ DETAILS.?

( I just said read details because some people weren't reading the details and were automatically assuming I abused him. I don't, hes very well loved.)

I'm training my 7 month old dog for show, and we started going to obedience classes and training places. We noticed ever since he was younger he was nervous around other people. When we went to the training class, the trainer went to take his leash to show me how to do something, and he started jumping around, twisting and barking and panicing. He never acted that afraid of someone before. He won't let strangers touch him, or come near him. He tries to run away or growls. The trainer had a lot of people there so she didn't have much time to tell us how to get him better socialized. I want to get him to understand that strangers won't hurt him. ( I don't know why he thinks that to start with) Any good ideas on how I can get him used to strangers and stuff? Please answer nicely because I am only 14, and I am going to get more help from the trainer in 2 weeks when I go to my next class, I just wanted a head start with this, thats all.

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    For starters, google "counter conditioning", and use it, it works. Too long to go into detail but basically you start feeding your dog high-value treats BEFORE he reacts negatively to anybody. The split second the person is passed him, the treats stop. The dog learns that strangers mean food = a good thing.

    While you're working on this, you don't let other people approach your dog and any trainer who has a clue what they're doing would NEVER grab the leash of a fearful dog. That's totally ignorant.

    If this dog's problem is lack of socializing, you can turn him around pretty quickly. Depending on breed, he could just be going through a fear period.

    But if this is a genetically fearful dog, there's no way on earth this is ever going to be a show dog, and shouldn't be. Where's the dog's breeder - a reputable breeder is a great resource.

  • What breed is this dog?

    There are a ton of people that you can ask about this problem. 1st you can call your dog's breeder. Since the dog is good enough to be a show dog then it obviously came from a good breeder (hopefully). Ask the breeder what they think you should do. 2nd you can ask your parents to hire a professional trainer to give you some one on one help. 3rd you can ask the trainer who you are already using for some advice.

    Just so you know, this dog can NOT participate in show with his current behavior. No judge is going to appreciate a dog that goes nuts and tries to bite them out of fear.

    Source(s): Sister training my dog for show. She is 9 and going to be a junior handler.
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    Your dog probably hasn't been properly socialized.

    Go to a dog park and see how he does with other dogs and humans. If you want to keep him on the leash at first, it will help you keep good control of him. He'll start to notice how other dogs behave around dogs and humans, and it will help him to be a little more civil.

    Once he knows more commands better, you'll be able to let him off the leash to run and have fun.

    Dog park is a great way to get the dogs to not only socialize, but get their needed exersize.

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    I had a formerly abused boxer like that. I took him to the walking park and everywhere a good dog could go.I just would pick him up and make him let people pet him. He was scared and shy of people. When he would see them he would put his head down and cowardly move towards them. After a lot of work he got ok. the dogs need a strong leader to make them feel safe and secure around people. The Pit Bull community gets this a lot because of all their really badly abused cases.

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    Explain that he is very young first and hasn't been introduced to to many people. I would if the other people will do this have them get to his level at a safe distance from him and like call him over. If treats need to be used so be it. He needs to know meeting new people is a positive experience so praise him as well. Don't introduce him to to many people to fast as well some dogs just have anxiety so you have to do things slow. Once he realizes meeting new people is a good thing he'll want to me tons of new people.

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    Have your family or any friends sit down and have your dog sniff them.

    some dogs are very friendly and others take time.

    I'm guessing your dog needs to trust the person before it could be nice?

    so , may never do well with strangers

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    First of all he is still pretty young. Maybe your moving too soon in preping him for shows.Their are lotsa stuff you can do at home first. If you push him too quick he may never like people.

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    time, patience and work

    take to classes and talk to trainer

    leash and walk, talk to people, make him behave

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