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How do i become a catalog model, if one day i wanted to?

I don't have any professional pictures or money to make a portfolio or anything like that.

To be honest i havn't got the greatest self confidence either but my aunt and my dad swear that I might have a chance, and if it was possible it would be nice have my picture taken for money.

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    Modelling is visual advertising of a product or commodity, either for fashion in the runway, catalogue & fashion catagories, products in commercial, promotional & editorial modelling, or fantasy in the glamour & photographic categories. Acceptance into the industry is not only based on physical features. Agents look for a model`s ability to make a product marketable via the camera & the resultant image. Agencies reject 98% of applications.

    Modelling categories are : 1) (All ages) Fitness, Runway, Catalogue, Fashion, Print, Magazine, Advertising, Promotional, Plus Size, Character, Commercial, Editorial, Parts Modelling, Hair, Photographic, Syndication. 2) (All ages but restrictions apply to under 18s) Swimwear, Underwear. 3) (Over 18s only) Alternative, Topless, Glamour nude, Playboy Nude, Concealed Nude, Implied Nude, Art Nude, UK Magazine, US magazine, Continental, Hardcore, Fetish

    Only runway & fashion have measurement criteria. Adult females 34"-24"-34" & height 5'8-5'11" or size 10-18 UK (8-16 US) for Plus Model. Adult males waist 30"–35" chest 36"–40" & height 5'11 - 6'2. (Within an inch is acceptable). Weight is not important but models must be toned with a healthy BMI.

    Other modelling categories don't have measurement criteria - proved by 1000s of successful female models between 4'11 - 5'8 but male models under 5'8 struggle to compete with taller guys. If you`re under the runway required height, don`t apply to a runway agency - they use the same models for their commercial & editorial divisions.

    Select the style of modelling you wish to try then search for 'Type' Model Agencies 'area' eg Catalogue Model Agencies in London. Apply at open calls (details on websites), by email to agency offices, or by online website application forms with the standard required images 1) Head & shoulders front facing 2) Head & shoulders side profile. No make -up, hair off the face. 3) Full length front facing 4) Full length side profile - top of the head & the feet in view. Wear boxer style swimwear, or fitted T-shirt & jeans. Any photo-images other than these are rejected.

    Under 18s need written parental permission to model & adult chaperones to all photoshoots, agency interviews & casting calls. Parents must ensure work is within government guidelines with regard to hours, pay etc. If applicable a youth work permit will be needed. By law, only parents can make model agency applications on behalf of anyone under the age of 18.

    If you have a portfolio, include images in your chosen genres. Professional un-edited & clear amateur shots are acceptable. Include images from several photographers -you will need their permission as they own the copyrights. Some photographers work TFP/TFCD i.e neither model & photographer are paid but both get to use the images in their portfolios. Some photographers charge for their work-ensure the price they quote is all inclusive. Do not use portfolio studios - most are considered scams by the industry. For further portfolio information use this link

    3 out of 4 agencies are scams. The quickest, but not exclusive, check is to google 'name of agency scam'. Be aware that where there are negative reviews scam agencies often write bogus positive reviews. For further information on how to avoid the scams : (both replies are relevant)

    Genuine agencies receive 1000s of applications direct to their offices & have no need to scout in malls or at model conventions. These 'scouts' are selling agents for modelling schools or portfolio studios.

    Genuine agencies DO NOT advertise on the internet by using Facebook, FaceParty, Google Ads, YahooAds, Gumtree or any other classified ads websites. To make this clear, when making an internet search relating to modelling ALL the modelling adverts on the right of the screen & in the pink or blue shaded areas are ALL scams.

    Avoid modelling schools, they charge extortionate fees with no guarantee of your being signed by an agency. Most agencies won`t consider model school trained applicants. You are better off applying direct to the agencies. If accepted they will train you for free.

    You can freelance for paid work on model networking sites such as Model Mayhem / Purestorm / OneModelPlace. All modelling is paid pro rata. Hourly rates are comparatively high but there is no guarantee of ongoing work. Keep up with your messages, be professional, & keep your own paperwork in order for tax purposes if applicable. Check site T&Cs as there are lower age limits to join. As a site guest you can view the information & use the search facilities for agencies & photographers.

    Source(s): UK Model Scout
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    Go to and look at all the agencies listed. Have your parents take standard pictures of you (I will explain on the agencies website) and submit them. If a scout likes your look you wil get an e-mail back.

    Source(s): I'm a model.
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