Found something out about my EX PLEASE HELP!!!!?

So me and my ex dated for around 9 months and she told me that we couldnt be dating now because her studies are taking up so much time and creating so much stress that she feels that because she wont be giving me much of her time its not fair on me. We didnt talk for a few weeks while i worked on rebuilding myself and keeping myself busy, im such a happy person, im loving life and really enjoying life. I do still love her a lot and miss her terribly.

Last night was her birthday party which i decided to go to and she was rather drunk, i found out from close female friends she blurted too while drunk that she still loves me, and that she got jealous when she heard that i was whispering in other girls ears and that ive hooked up with one girl for a dare in a drinking game (i think she thinks ive hooked up with multiple girls) Now she has had this guy come over twice since breaking up for cuddles and making out, he means nothing to her and she refuses to have sex with anyone atm. I know that us dating now isn't a good idea, and i'd be open for something causal, im just not sure what to really do about this because its not a typical she doesnt love you anymore, its a she still really cares, i was thinking of texting and asking if she wants to hang out before i go home for the easter break. Please no move on answers, i need other opinions please :)

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    9 years ago
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    Mate she still loves you ! Girls are stubborn and sometimes you have to be the one to make the first move if she loves you and would want to be with you then she should jump at the chance of something casual because casual usually leads to something more, just take the chance you have nothing to loose. Good luck

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