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Should i feel like this?

This is about my Girlfriend. It's only been two months (tommorows our anniversary). were both young only 14 (her) and 15. Ive known her for an entire year and i know that i have true feelings for her. but i hardly get to see her because her moms paranoid and over protective as all mothers of young girls are.. But it was my idea to see her yesterday becuase i wanted to see her before our anniversary because i wouldnt be seeing her on our anniversary. It went well i had a good time she had a good time and then her mom called her. Telling her she saw us and what we were doing the she called her a whore and punched her in the FACE O_o. now shes grounded for a month and i havent talked to her all day. i feel like its all my fault im depressed and i feel like im not myself what should i do, is it right for me to feel this way?

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    Yes, because you do...

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