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Im cutting because im depressed. How do i stop :(?

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    Find something that you love to do and do it. If it is a sport, do the sport, I dont know, whatever it is you love do it, then try to be the best you can be in that. Imersing yourself in something you love will get your mind off of your depression and will make you start to enjoy life. Try takling to someone about why you feel depressed, tlak to other depressed people. Take a walk, that is what I do when I am way down in the dumps. Think about why you are depressed and how silly the things are that are making you depressed. Honestly, we are being pushed through life and through this system that society has created for us, and we never stop and take a look a the way we want to live and t he things that we enjoy doing. I know that if you start living the way you want, things will get much better.

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    So, I'll make myself unpopular here, but: Why do you want to stop? Cause people/society tell you it's bad and sick, or cause you actually want to. Cause I don't think it's any worse a coping mechanism as anything else, and if it makes you feel better, go for it, it s your body and your life.

    So, if you actually want to stop, try distracting yourself and perhaps talk to a friend about it. Try to do things you like and enjoy to take your mind off it. If that doesn't work and you feel comfortable with psychologists you can go see one, if you think that could help you. I wouldn't advice meds personally, cause that's just surpressing the symptoms with drugs, but if you think that'll help you cope and feel better, then ask your doc to prescribe you some. I hope you feel better soon =)

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    Cutting is a way to relieve the pain you feel on the inside by hurting yourself on the outside. You need to find another way to get ride of your stress. Talk to a friend about how you are feeling, or listen to music that helps you feel better. Excersise makes you happy! Crying can also get rid of pain. For your sake please stop :(

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    9 years ago

    put down the blade :p

    no seriously, try to stay positive, overwhelmingly positive. but not annoyingly positive D:<

    and if that fails, then just think, how would cutting logically benefit you?

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    Tell someone -- anyone.. or else nothing will change. Ask your parents to make you a doctor appointment, he will talk to you, ask questions and put you on meds that will make you better.

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