can you sell railroad rails if you have permission if so how can you get permission?

im just looking for information if neccessary cause i need them for a science project but i need to know if you could sell rail road rails if you found them in abonded tracks so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Somebody some where has purchased the salvage rights to the right of way if it is truly abandoned.

    If you need rail for a science project, do an internet search for used rail equipment and locate some one who has what you need for sale. Keep in mind rail runs about 150 lbs or more a yard (or maybe that is a foot), so shipping will not be cheap.

  • roger
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    9 years ago

    yea right possession of railroad anything is a FEDERAL FELONY AND PUNISHABLE BY HUGE FINES AND YEARS IN PRISION. even the guys at recycle yards refuse to touch this stuff there is no place to sell them in this country.

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