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How do I keep my hair straight after straightening it?

I straighten my hair when I wear it down for school, but by 2nd period (we have 7) it's wavy again. Nothing bad, it's just a little wavy, but I want it to be straight. And if you want to tell me hairspray, please give me a brand name because not a lot of hairspray really works. I have thick hair, if that helps.

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    There are many ways to make your hair straight for 1 days to 12 weeks.

    If you just need your straight hair for one day, then you can use the flat iron. But the heat will damage your hair in long term using it.

    Or you can also consider using the hair straightening treatment which can make your hair straight & silky for more than 3 months. The treatment can be done at home.

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    You need to invest in a good quality straightener. I always had that problem.

    You'll save yourself alot of time if you buy a good one.

    Mine was recommended by the lady at the salon in my town.

    It was called "W8less" (like weightless) by Rusk.

    Also you need to use a heat protectant. The way to check to see if your heat protectant is working well enough, spray it against your wrist then use your blowdryer(on low and warm) on your wrist. If you can still feel the heat it is not working strong enough. Also, if your hair is damaged it will not hold heat as well because of the damaged hair shaft.. If your hair is really damaged you need to cut off all the dead ends and protect it the right way when you use heat on your hair. Good luck! :)

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    Things You’ll Need:

    * Large round brush

    * Spray leave-in conditioner

    * Blow-Dryer

    * Anti-Frizz Serum

    * Hair Spray- hair salon kind. Not sure sorry hun, but hairspray varies from hairtypes

    * ...Hair


    The first and most important step in fighting humidity is coming to the battlefield prepared. During humid months keep hair extra hydrated. Try shampoos and conditioners that moisturize and hydrate. Also deep condition at least once a week. Healthy moisturized hair is humidity' s weakness.

    The deep conditioner I personally like is the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Fortifying Deep Conditioner 3 Minute Masque (about 6.99 at drugstores nationwide.) It's not so thick that it causes damaging buildup; nor is it greasy.

    p. s. As a side tip, I suggest rinsing hair with cool water right before you leave the shower. The cool water helps to close up those hair cuticles, locking in moister and shine! (Can we say BONUS!)


    Right after showering, towel dry hair gently but thoroughly. (You DO NOT want to rub hair between the towel vigorously or roughly. Despite common conception this does not dry the hair faster. However it does aid in breakage, frizz, and tangles.) Also, doing a good job at this step will save you blow-drying time, which will reduce possible heat styling damage to hair since you aren't blow-drying from drenched to dry.


    Next, spray hair with leave in conditioner and comb through hair with a wide tooth comb. The leave-in conditioner is not only good for your hair's health but it helps fight against humidity by slightly weighing hair down. Try Aussie Sydney Smooth Heat Protector + Leave In Conditioner Spray (about 3.99 at drugstores nationwide.) It performs the task at hand, conditioning your lovely locks, with an added extra of a heat protector.


    Using your fingers, begin to blow dry hair until it is about half way dry.


    For this step, you will section hair into four sections using hair clips. (Two at the front, top half of head and two at the back, bottom half of head.) Starting with one of the bottom sections, release a one-inch subsections. Give section a quick spritz of the leave-in conditioner and then, using your fingers, pull the hair taut and blow dry the roots of this section. By thoroughly drying roots, you ensure hair stays sleek and straight all day. Next pick up that big round brush and proceed to blow-dry the one-inch section until it is completely dry. This works best if you slightly wrap hair around the brush and blow-dry on a lower setting pulling hair away from head, instead of brushing straight down.

    Repeat this throughout whole head.

    p. s. I use the Conair Performers Boar Bristle Full Round Brush (about 9 bucks and drugstores nationwide.) It smoothes my hair like no other!


    Finally, after hair is completely dry, spritz your hair lightly with hair spray and then brush through it. Now, spritz your brush lightly with hair spray and work your brush from root to tip, gently. This step helps hold hair in place without that cakey, hard effect simply blasting hair spray can leave on hair. For a great hair spray try TRESemme European Hair Spray, Extra Hold (averages about 4.00 at drugstores nationwide.) It is very pliable but extremely reliable!

    And we are all done and ready to face the heat, moister, and humidity without flinching! Entire process usually only takes me 30 minutes from start to finish! Goodbye wasted tears and time, hello beautiful blowout that will stay in place for a few days!


    Works on wavy to straight locks of any color or texture!

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    Am waiting patiently for someone to answer you :) I need this advise too!

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