Condom slipped off , will i get pregnant ?! ANSWERS NOW?

Last period; feb 8 . Recent period; march 31. Last time i had sex; march 30 . Protected/ slipped off. So first, i had a brownish spotting coming for a few hours . Then it started fading away & i thought it wasnt my period , so i had sex & when we took a break , my bf looked down and realized that the condom is gone. We look all over, the floor, the bed, his boxers, etc. & NOTHING. so we realized , it might been in me.& the fact that he busted a nut... we go to sleep. 6 hours later, i wake up to pee & it comes out covered in blood. Can i get pregnant?!

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    9 years ago
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    you are probably not because you had your period but, 13-20 days after sex take a pregnancy test!

    good luck!

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    Tell your bf to get smaller condoms. they shouldn't be slipping.

    Get Plan B

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