How good are these headphones?

I've been in the market for some higher end headphones, and I'm looking at either the Denon AH-NC800s, AKG K495 NCs, Philips Fidelio L1's, or some PSB M4U 2's. Has anyone ever personally tried any, or better yet, several of these? I'd like to spend my money wisely, especially if I'll be dropping a few hundred dollars on them. I'm open to any recommendations, too. But if you dare suggest Beats by Dr. Dre, I will report you.

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    9 years ago
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    AKG tends to lack bass in almost all of their headphones, so if you're a bass head or even enjoy a minimal amount of bass, stay clear. As for the Denon's, I haven't tried that particular model, but I would assume it to have a sound in between the AH-2000 and the 1001, which have nice bass (not too loud but is very tight). If you are willing to sacrifice noise cancellation for sound quality, get the Denon AH-2000 instead - same price, better sound. Haven't tried the Fidelio's, but they seemed to be aimed at the iPod market, so don't expect to upgrade to a good DAC in the future and get good results.

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