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I wanna write a song..............................?

Kay, So i wanna do this tonight...I wanna write a song ( lyrics ) about me dating some one but wanting you ( him ) something like " I know i gotta man, but I really gotta plan, cus all i wanna do is be with you " . some one help me write lyrics please?

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  • You Say "You" Want To Write A Sonq You Cant' Ask Us For Lyrics But.... I'll Help. So How Bout This....

    With Your Thinq That You Said &' Then Add A Lil Of This......

    Baby I Need To Let Him Go He Doesn't Deserve Me. I Wana Be Your One And Only Baby You Could Be Mine To And Anythinq You Go Throuqh I'll Go Throuqh It To I Get Excited When I Get A Call Only From You Nobody Else Ever Made Me Feel The Way That You Do....



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    9 years ago

    You want us to spoon feed you , the best lyrics to your love com FROM YOUR HEART. From you.

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    9 years ago

    Just stop. Do something you're good at instead.

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