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i think ive ruined things with a girl.. help please? :S?

ok, so, ive been talking to this lass for a month and a half on facebook. we've met up twice and she has said she likes me. i like her a lot but.. every time i have asked to go and see her (she lives in a different town about 30 mins away on the bus) she has been too busy for us to meet up. both times we have its been her asking me to go.. i dont know if its just my retarded emotions or if im right and she has been paying less attention to our relationship we have (were not together officialy but when were with each over we act like we are, kissing est.) and this morning im scared i ruined things by asking why shes always 'giving excuses as to why i cant go and see her and why shes not really talking to me anymore' :/ it was only last saturday we wer last together when she told me she really likes me but we had a little arguement, we havnt spoke all day and i have been gutted all day because i said summit :/ worse still her friend put on facebook that they went to take there dog for a walk and some lads asked for there numbers... i actually feel sick im that gutted at what i have done.. please can someone give me advice on how to salvage this situation? please

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    ok first of all you need to explane to her why you feel like you do and let her know that you like her ask her to talk to you get to know each other she might feel like you are not in to her a girl wonts a guy that will say whats on his mind and not to hold back yes we like to here kind things so dont be rude or anything just be your self dont try to inpress her i know girls are hard to figer out but just try it get her favorite flower or candy or cd that she likes send her a text just out of the blue just to let her know you are thinking of her girls love that hope it all works out for you

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    Give her a banana, everybody loves bananas!

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